Download MPCiv2

MultiPlayerCiv2 1.3b (525kb)
MultiPlayerCiv2 is easy to install, and it's clean. It doesn't modify any files of Civilization II.
I advise you to use Civilization II v2.42. Download this patch here.
Since version 1.2, MPCiv2 also works with "Civilization II Fantastic Worlds", and should work with "Conflicts in Civilization", but this has not been tested.
If you've got an error like "dxplay.dll not found", you'll need DirectX version 2.0 or later.


  • 1.21 : Bugs correction
  • 1.2 : Support of Fantastic Worlds, stopwatch, and bug corrections.
  • 1.1 beta : Lots of correction.
  • 1.0a : Minor rewriting.
  • 1.0 : Lots of features, diplomacy in distant modes and chat. Many things new or rewritten.
  • 0.90 : New interface, use of Direct Play, lots of inside rewriting.
  • 0.70b : Minor bugs correction, especially the "can't find Civ2 windows", which shouldn't appear anymore, I hope.
  • 0.70a : Serious Hotseat mode bug appeared in 0.70 corrected, and new try at handling diplomacy.
  • 0.70 : TCP/IP mode, and other things.
  • 0.68a : Bugs corrected in Update Informations.
  • 0.68 : Lots of bugs corrected in Diplomacy and EditCiv.

For a better description of what updates the new versions have had check out the online manual.


If you want to report bugs, please tell me your Civilization 2 version (see the Game Options window), and your MPCiv2 version. Always try the latest version of MPCiv2.
If you can, email me the saved games (*.sav, and *.mpc). Zip them, please.


If you have any problems with MPCiv2, you can write to Please, don't forget to write me the version of your Civilization II (see the Game Options window), and of the MPCiv2 you're using.


Q : How about a Windows 3.11 or a Mac version?
A : Never. We don't know anything about Mac, and the communication system needs Windows 95.

Q : MPCiv2 crashes when I try to swap sciences with the A.I. Why?
A : Never swap sciences with the A.I if the diplomatic talks have been initiated by the computer (i.e. if the computer contacts you while it was moving units). In this case, end diplomacy as soon as possible. That's a bug due to Civilization II (more exactly, an inability to handle multiplayer correctly in totality) which I could easily correct if I had the source code...

Q : How can I find my Civ2 version number ?
A : Load Civilization II, start a game, go in the "Game Option" menu, and look at the title of the window.

Q : Where can I find other players on the Internet ?
A : Try or

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MultiPlayerCiv2 is copyright JAY Guillaume & LABASSE Sylvain 1997-1998, and freely distributable according to a few conditions, written in the documentation files. Civilization II is copyright Microprose 1996.

These pages were created by Martin Sj÷strand, one of the fans to MultiPlayerCiv2.