If you like to play Civilization II, but are bored of playing against the computer AI, tired of crushing brainless compter-handled opponents with to many advantages on the Deity level, and would like to compete against more competitive opponents that still won't have more advantages then you, then you've come to the right place. Because this side is dedicated to a program that will make it able for you to play against other human beings. Welcome to the world of MultiPlayerCiv2.

MultiPlayerCiv2 allows you to play multiplayer games on Civilization II. It works in Hotseat mode, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, modem to modem, and serial connection. v1.3 is Freeware.


MPCiv2 1.3b is released. This is a freeware version. I have not tested it, since I lent my Civ2 cd to a friend six months ago, and I'm still waiting for them...


.No more upgrades are planned. It is not perfect, but either we don't have the time to make it better, or we would need to rewrite Civ2, so...


"Version 1.1 works great. My brother and I played for about 4 hours yesterday through a TCP/IP connection."

"Did I mention that I love your MPCiv2? Well I do! Every time I play this game against my friends I find out more and more about it and discover new tactics I never even bothered to try against the computer."

"I've played MPCiv2 the whole day and it's awesome! Not a single crash or error occured. Great work!"

"It is my all time favorite game and your patch has increased my love for it." (It's not a patch. Let's call it an addon, or a third party utility.)

"I just downloaded MPCiv2, and It works great. My friend and I have already finished our first Multiplayer game. I've been waiting for someone to make this kind of program, and the system is great! Keep up the good work."

"Premiere impression: Excellent ! vraiment, l'interface etc de Multi CIV est excellente et tres conviviale pour les modifs du jeux... J'ai jouer un trentaine de tour avec un copain, et on a pas eu de problemes majeurs..."

"Hope you're having as good a time writing MPCiv2 as I have using it! Long awaited Diplomatic option is great! Can't wait for the network part! :)" (In fact, we always complained that we pass too much time writing MPCiv2, and not enought time playing it :)

"We are planning on playing the entire weekend (so far we've only put in 5 hours, and she's taking a break to fix us some cookies) - we love it that much."

"You are probably the one who's gonna make me buy Civ2. I never knew if it was possible to play Civ2 online, so I didn't buy it."

"Sure, it would be just great to be informed about a new release of  MPCiv2. Why? Simply because I like the program. I think it is VERY fascinating that you were able to do so in the first place." (It's far from perfect yet, but we're working on it.)

"I was just browsing the web when I came across your page. A long time ago I downloaded one of the much earlier versions of MPCiv2 (it only had Hotseat mode). Boy was I impressed with what you've done over these past few months!" (And we have still some more ideas to implement...)

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MultiPlayerCiv2 is copyright JAY Guillaume & LABASSE Sylvain 1997-1998, and freely distributable according to a few conditions, written in the documentation files. Civilization II is copyright Microprose 1996.

These pages were created by Martin Sj÷strand, one of the fans to MultiPlayerCiv2.
Last update : March the 24th, 1998